The clock is ticking at the Greene Gazette

It is as if I closed my eyes for a split second and it is already Thursday. All I can say is that it is most definitely crunch time here in the newsroom. All I hear is the distant chit chat of everyone trying to get their articles completed, videos filmed and projects completed before the deadline is up.

As much as the current environment in the newsroom is a bit stressful, I can truly say I don’t want the week here at Stony Brook University to come to an end. I don’t even want to think about having to say farewell to the friends I have made over the past couple of days. We still have the rest of today as well as tomorrow and Saturday morning, so it isn’t quite time for goodbyes just yet!

Yesterday was a busy but extremely fun and exciting day between visiting Newsday headquarters to going to the Ducks game and reporting the 20th anniversary of the Ducks. I really loved reporting and interviewing the fans and have come to discover I really want to be a reporter.

Isabella Scuteri and I looking at images we captured. Photo by Lily McInerney

I currently have a small (sort of small) load of work left to complete still, including editing my team’s Ducks video and finishing writing my article. Until next time.

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