A Brooklyn native cheering for the Ducks and not the Yankees

I’m from New York City, where everyone is either a Yankees or a Mets fan. So when I heard “Ducks,” I had no idea who they were. But let me tell you, the Ducks fans are the most supportive people of their local team.

It was a different vibe from a CitiField or Yankee Stadium game. The stadium was way smaller and gave a home-and-family atmosphere, which was something weird for me because people in New York City are really stuck-up people. The energy was amazing, from the fans to the workers. 

Bethpage Ballpark view.
Photo by Cielo Castaneda

I was able to step out and feel what it’s to like to go out and report on an event. I was behind the camera filming, which I was never comfortable doing, but I got through it.

Hopefully I can soon return for a Ducks game again with my family! Thank you, Ducks, for being so friendly and welcoming to a Brooklyn native. 

A Brooklyn native smiling for the Ducks.
Photo by Olivia Mintz

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