A hot mess, yet a productive day

Today was the busiest day thus far! My team and I had lots of reporting to do, which caused us to be constantly on duty due to the art events happening today. And if I’m honest, we were a hot mess.

As we arrived at the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery here on campus, I realized there was no SD card in the camera I was supposed to be shooting still photographs on. For anyone who knows photography, if you don’t have an SD card, you won’t be taking pictures. I felt my heart drop down farther than my stomach. How was I supposed to photograph professional pictures for a story I was working on with no functioning camera? Long story short, I ended up using the portrait mode effect on my iPhone and went back to the gallery later on that night to finish shooting with a functional camera.

“The View From Here: Contemporary Perspectives From Senegal” at the gallery.
Photo by Jaden Morello

After the gallery, my team and I headed to interview Alan Inkles, the director of the Stony Brook Film Festival, about his event, which happens annually. Inkles was such a kind man who expressed lots of jokes, which made it much easier for us to converse with him.

Team 4 and Alan Inkles after the interview.
Photo by Professor Wasim Ahmad

We spent the rest of the day editing to our hearts’ desire and preparing our stories for the website.

The whole Greene Team and I ended our night at the Film Festival. We watched two films, one short film and a full-length movie. My personal favorite was the short film titled “The Interview.” I loved the whole idea of the movie and how they wanted to represent not losing yourself. It was also surprising to see the leading actor afterwards on stage doing an interview.

Inside at the Stony Brook Film Festival during the short film “The Interview.”
Photo by Jaden Morello

Overall, today was super productive and truly a learning experience for my team and I. Everything is trial and error, and today helped me learn that.

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