Behind the scenes

July 24, Day Three — We kicked off the day heading off to the TV and broadcast studio here on campus, and words can’t describe how fun it was.

When I was chosen to head to the TV studio to practice as a weather man, my anxiety flew through the roof. I thought I would slip up or forget my lines, but it ended up being such an enjoyable experience. I also was able to practice using the camera, film the show and control the audio in the control room. I didn’t realize how much work it takes to produce television.

The Greene Team and I headed to Newsday after that. It seemed to be a very spacious place full of determined journalists, and I could really see myself working there in the near future. Afterward, my team and I reported to the Ducks game and worked on our story. We met lots of friendly families to interview and made lots of heartwarming memories with each other.

Front desk at the lobby at Newsday.
Photo by Jaden Morello

This was my favorite day of the week. It made me more interested in this journalism field, and participating in broadcast news. I now have a newfound respect for the people who work behind the scenes and in front of the camera on television.

Behind the scenes at Newsday
Photo by Jaden Morello

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