Ducks on the rise

On Wednesday, we went to the Ducks game. Before it, we had to do a lot of set up with the video cameras and tripods and make sure we had all of our equipment. There was a lot of chaos because some of us had to charge our cameras before leaving, and we also had to meet with our group to decide who would be doing what.

We didn’t go straight to the Ducks game. We went to Newsday and went on a tour of the facilities, including their own newsroom, before learning more about several jobs in the company and what they were. It was amazing to see the pictures of Robert Greene, who was so influential that his colleagues created this iInstitute in his name, at work, such as in poppy fields in Turkey.

The most interesting part to me was the newsroom, though. After getting so used to the size and feel of our newsroom back at Stony Brook, the sheer size of it amazed me. There were so many people working at once in a huge area. Also, I noticed the place was almost completely quiet, save for quiet conversation between the floor editor as she walked around between the mini-cubicles that had been set up on the tables. Not one person seemed to be listening to music or relaxing; each and every person had a job and they were putting their hardest effort into it. However, despite the intense atmosphere, everyone we saw seemed to have a friendly attitude towards their coworkers. On our tour, our guides were frequently greeted or greeted others whom they knew, That type of community really stuck with me.  After learning about several media- and communications-related jobs, as well as the value of internships, we were treated to Mister Softee’s ice cream by Newsday, which I am really thankful for. 

Then, we took another long ride to the game. During this ride I was listening to music with my friends. When everyone regrouped after leaving the bus, I had the camera, so I decided to take stills. Phoebe, Bella and Yaw operated the video camera. Along with Rachael, who is really amazing, we headed to the press box for a press conference with Director of Media Relations and Broadcasting Michael Polak. I took over 50 photos of the press conference and of the game. I was super excited to take these pictures. I got a chance to work on something I love so dearly. It was an amazing time seeing families ad kids having fun and cheering for their favorite player. This was my first Ducks game and I honestly had a great time.

Baseball player in action, hitting the ball.

(Photo By: Kiana Wright)

A Kona Ice employee working poses at his station.

(Photo By: Kiana Wright)

Kids having a fun time at the Ducks game.

(Photo By: Kiana Wright)

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