Maybe broadcasting is for me?

It’s Wednesday morning. The alarm starts buzzing at 6 a.m., preparing us for a long day of running around capturing film and interviewing. I comfort myself by remembering that I’ll finally be somewhere other than the newsroom, the dining hall and my dorm.

It’s 8 a.m. when we step into a cold broadcasting room and I’m amazed by all the equipment and the lighting. We’re introduced to the basics of reporting live, shooting and a behind-the-scenes view of the control room. I get the chance to be floor director, which I believe is where my interest is at now. I never considered being on a set but I learned my voice was made to boss people around, and I have found my place on the set.

I also got the chance to be behind the camera, which I enjoyed even though I’m more of a person to tell stories through words and not pictures. I think I found a potential career in broadcasting! 

Live on the set behind the camera. Photo by Zoe Gordon

The magic behind your local news, live in the control room.
Photo by Cielo Castaneda

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