The Greene Team: A beginning

The first two days at the Greene Institute have already been an amazing experience. I came in sweating, but not just because of the heat. I was anxious about what was to come. Despite my enthusiasm and boundless excitement for the activities I had looked forward to for so long, I was nervous about whether I was up to the challenge.

When I finally got to see everybody once our families had gone, I could see who I was going to spend the week with. As we got to know each other both through a game and through a brainstorming session for story ideas, I could finally relax, as I could tell this was going to be a great team.

On the second day, our official start day in the newsroom, we started with a lesson in photography by award-winning photographer John Williams. We used Nikon D7100s (I believe) to practice adjusting our exposures, f-stops, and ISOs. My partner, Alex Weldon, and I both seemed to absorb the information quite quickly. Both of us got several good shots of each other on campus.

Alexandra Weldon. Photo by Grace Torgersen

Photo of me near the Charles B. Wang Center. Photo by Alex Weldon

Also on the second day, we had a wonderful video lesson from Rick Ricioppo. We learned the basics of recording for TV as well as the types of shots that we could take. Then, it was time to practice. We were split into teams of five, which would be our teams for the week both in video recording and writing. My team, which was called Team One, consisted of myself, Yaw Bonsu, Isabella Scuteri, Kiana Wright and Phoebe Lawson. After the video lesson, the day was done and we got to sleep.

(We were all happy about that.)

So far my time at the Greene Institute has been amazing. I am continually inspired by the people around me, and I feel that I have learned a number of different skills in the few days that I have been here. I’m looking forward to the days to come!

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