Using Our Skills (Days 3 and 4 on the Greene Team)

By Grace Torgersen

Life with the Greene Team moves forward. On Days 3 and 4, Tuesday and Wednesday, we learned more about the basics of shooting stills and video cameras.

On Tuesday, we did portraits of our partners in several locations. Alex and I visited several nature-filled areas, such as the small tree grove near the physics and math buildings and the Frey Center, as well as the fountain in front of the Charles B. Wang Center for our shots. Although Alex’s shots came out amazing, I had some trouble with my exposure. I was disappointed, but I know I will never not check my exposure after that!

On both Tuesday and Wednesday, we discussed the division of labor for each of our stories. We had two assignments; one was to cover the Ducks Game on Wednesday evening, while the other was to cover the construction of a new turf facility for indoor sports practice.

A player runs across the field at the July 24th, 2019 Ducks Game at Bethpage Ballpark. (Photo by Grace Torgersen)

I enjoyed the Ducks game more than I thought I would when I first heard about it. Not being much of a sports fan, and being mildly uncomfortable in large crowds, I thought that I would spend the night trying to focus on the assignment and keep distracted from the game. However, even when we first arrived, I could feel the excited energy of everyone in the stadium. Even throughout the assignment, as we desperately searched for a passerby willing to talk, the environment felt alive with joy and laughter from fans and families. I spent the evening sharing a camera to get stills of the game, the crowd, the fans, and of course the new ball-calling technology that we were reporting on. The evening certainly felt like a break from the newsroom, and I enjoyed putting everything we had learned about still and video camera shoots and about interviewing to work in the real world.

The sky turns beautiful shades of pink as the sun sets over the Bethpage Ballpark. (Photo by Grace Torgersen)

With these experiences, I am so looking forward to my next days on the Greene Team. I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish.

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