Nothing standardized about this admissions year

For rising high school senior Colleen Giunta, the news that SATs were being cancelled came as a relief. 

Communal support in COVID times

Drive-by event organizers and online student-run organizations have taken a lead in bringing positivity and moral support to communities in Long Island, New York, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Streaming forward and back

Drive-in movies have been experiencing an increase in popularity, popping up in mall parking lots, beaches and parks in the United States while more people plop down on couches and stream movies right into their living rooms.

Sky’s the limit for Johnson

With the current Black Lives Matter movement, a new generation of leaders has emerged, targeting police brutality and prejudice towards people of color. is one of them. 

Diverse voices speak out

While there is evidence of a racial divide on Long Island, the peaceful demonstrations seen on television regularly include Blacks and whites, Hispanics, and Asians united in a struggle for justice.