Amelia Semple: Down to a science

By Eve Neumann
Edward R. Murrow High School

Amelia Semple is hoping to achieve her dream job as a library scientist through studying journalism.

Even though the rising senior at Northport High School loves journalism, she primarily views it as a pathway to what she really wants to study: library science. Library science is a form of social science that includes organizing and managing books and information that would usually appear in libraries.

“Journalism is definitely a hobby, but it’s so ingrained in my life that I want to use it in my path towards being a library scientist,” she said.

Amelia’s interest in journalism began in fifth grade, when she joined a media group at her elementary school. Since then, the 17-year-old has been writing entertainment and literature pieces for her school newspaper, the Northport Port Press, and her book blog. 

While journalism is Amelia’s main interest, a big part of her life is also singing and acting. “I got into singing when I first joined choir in fourth grade,” she said. “I got into acting in middle school. Something that I love about it is that it’s very similar to a story, and you’re responsible for telling your part of the story, which I think is very important,” said Amelia.

Amelia participates in an extracurricular choir, Tour Choir, for which she serves as an officer. Most of her acting has been with a community group, The Powdered Wigs, and she has participated in many other community theater productions as well.

Amelia’s friend and editor of the Northport Port Press, Griffin Crafa, explained that her strengths in journalism are her creative way of looking at things. “She works hard on her articles,” he said. “She always does them in a timely manner. She is always writing, and she is one of our most reliable writers. Amelia is always willing to try new things and she follows her interests, and her passion [for entertainment] can be seen in her writing,” said Griffin.

Griffin says that Amelia’s stories are always full of detail and they get to the point. He explains that Amelia is strong in terms of referencing previous stories, which provides continuity for readers. She doesn’t have problems coming up with story ideas, and she is good at getting her readers interested in her stories. 

“She is super caring and kind, very down to earth, and she cares about all of her friends a lot,” he said. 

Amelia is focused on improving her journalism techniques, and that led her to Stony Brook University’s Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists. She discovered the Greene Team while searching for summer programs. When she told her advisors at school about it, they encouraged her to apply. 

She is hoping to take her work to the next level through the Greene program. 

Amelia said, “I want to improve my journalism work. “Even though I’m not considering it as a career I still think it’s very important as an extracurricular.”

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