Anabella Torres: A service-oriented writer

By Candace Russell
The Kew-Forest School

Anabella Torres’ goal has always been to help others.

“She’s very service-oriented,” said her mother, Annela Ahmedani. “I think she feels good when she’s doing things to help others.”

The rising senior at Ward Melville High School in Setauket has been active in two school clubs that she thinks provide a good opportunity to help people. One of them being Key Club. Anabella joined the community service club in tenth grade. She described it as, “an international organization made up of young people in high school who are looking to help their home, school and community.”

She said the Key Club gave her a “direct avenue to be able to help people.” The Key Club has approximately 200 members and Anabella was elected president for the upcoming school year.

Along with helping others, writing was always something that came naturally to Anabella. “In fourth grade, I wrote a play and had a few of my friends perform it for the class,” she said. Her friends often hated having to do writing assignments, but Anabella enjoyed them.

“Teachers used to make comments about how you could hear her voice when she wrote things,” her mother, Annela Ahmedani, proudly stated. “She always had an ability to write really well and express her thoughts clearly.”

What inspired Anabella to pursue a journalism career was joining her middle school newspaper club. She became the co-editor in chief in ninth grade. 

When she reached high school she took a journalism course. “I learned about the different topics that there were to write about, all of the different sections of the newspaper, all of the different fields of journalism, and I loved it,” she said. 

Because she enjoys acting in school productions, videography, and public speaking, Anabella thinks broadcast journalism may be the career that she wants to pursue.

Anabella learned about the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists when she was looking for something to “expand her education in journalism.”  Before COVID-19 forced the program online, Anabella envisioned it as, “a good way to get away from home and submerge myself in the world of journalism without being too far away.” Even though she won’t be dorming at the university due to the coronavirus, Anabella is excited to learn more about journalism.

“I’m most excited about learning more about broadcast journalism,” Anabella said. “I’ve learned a lot about writing in the past, but I’ve never been behind the camera.”

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