Claire Wos: Explorations in writing

By Nicholas Sewgobind
Benjamin N. Cardozo High School

Claire Wos is unsure of what her career will be, but knows it will definitely involve writing.

“That was my dream for a while and I hope I’ll write something someday, maybe when I’m retired, but I’m still not sure what,” said Claire, a 16-year-old incoming senior at St. Anthony’s High School in South Huntington.

Claire said, “I’ve always loved reading, especially as a kid, so as I got older I really liked writing in my high school English classes. And I want to travel because there are so many places I want to see before I die, so I figured if I could combine both of those things, I’d be happy in my career, which is something I want more than anything.”

Claire loves literature and creative writing. “The Catcher in The Rye is my favorite read and I have a strong relatability with it,” she said.    

Claire grew up with her parents and three younger siblings in Port Jefferson. “Claire is a kind-hearted person that is a true friend,” said her mom, Jennifer Wos. “She is a hard worker and very responsible. She is very good with young children. She loves to read and has an excellent memory. Claire has an eclectic taste in music and a unique style. She is an excellent writer.”

Being the oldest sibling has taught Claire a lot. She said, “I would say that being the oldest does give me a heightened sense of responsibility because I know there are kids that are looking up to me and I need to be there for them, setting a good example for how they should behave as they grow up.”

Claire is exceptionally talented when it comes to academics, receiving honors and earning a 97 GPA. “I tutor kids in history in school, usually global and AP [advanced placement] world,” she said.

Besides being a scholar, Claire is active in her Port Jefferson community. “I volunteer at Mather Hospital but that program has been unable to be open since the quarantine started,” she said.

Claire also has a passion for sports.  She has participated in cross-country, swimming, volleyball, basketball, bowling and tennis. With a packed schedule, Claire relaxes by enjoying all types of music. “I listen to a lot of Cage the Elephant, The Strokes, Vampire Weekend, and Tame Impala…and like every song from TikTok,” she said.

Because Claire is unsure about her career plans, she sees the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists as a great opportunity to narrow her choices. “I want to see what being in journalism is like,” Claire explained. “I don’t have too much experience with journalism and I’d like to gain some this summer.”

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