Delilah Belmont: Seeking her ‘Spotlight’

By Maeve Fishel 
Edward R. Murrow High School

Delilah Belmont is no stranger to adapting to foreign environments. 

In her sixteen years, The Wheatley School rising senior has already lived in three countries. “I’ve moved around a lot,” she said. “I was born in England, and then spent a few years on a Caribbean island called Antigua, which is crazy.”

Delilah’s interest in journalism was triggered by an early cinematic experience. “The first thing that made me feel like ‘Wow, that’s something I might want to do’ was about five years ago,” she said. “My dad showed me the movie “Spotlight,” which is now my favorite movie ever. I saw that movie and I thought ‘I want to be an investigative journalist.’” 

Since being inspired by the award-winning film, Delilah has participated in three writing programs. “This past spring and summer, I’ve been writing with this online magazine called Girl Genius,” she said. “It’s completely run by young women, either high school or college-age, and it’s mainly focused around girls in STEM. It’s really cool. We write a lot of articles, I think we’ve done about four issues, and they also have blog posts. So I’ve been working with that.” 

She’s also spending a week this summer at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists. “My mom’s friend is a journalist and she told me about the program,” said Delilah, who wants to expand her knowledge of journalism beyond writing. “I’ve always been very focused on the writing portion, but not been exposed to a lot of the other multimedia stuff,” said the self-identified “theater person,” who has participated in theater companies and camps.

As for her college plans next year, Delilah is considering studying political science or film, preferably at Barnard or NYU. “Because of my social justice interest, I feel like political science is the biggest way to make change,” she said. “Also film, because I’ve always thought about studying film and directing.”

As for her plans after college, Delilah would like to pursue a career that allows her to help others. “I guess I would consider myself an activist,” she said. “That’s something that’s very important to me, social justice, and that’s another reason to get involved in the Greene program. It’s like how they keep saying: ‘democracy can’t really work without the press’.’’ 

“And since I’ve moved around so much, I’ve seen so many different people from all different walks of life,” Delilah added, “and there’s so many who haven’t had a chance to tell their stories.”

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