Erin Ye: Shedding light in the dark

By Maeve Fishel
Edward R. Murrow High School

For Erin Ye, writing has been a part of her life since early childhood. 

“I first became interested in writing when I was pretty young,” said the 15-year-old rising junior at Huntington High School. “Pretty young” for Erin was in kindergarten. “At first it was basically just writing poetry on my own.” 

Erin’s first experience with journalism came when she joined her school newspaper, the Dispatch, as a freshman. “I got really into the interview process and also being able to reach a larger group of people through writing,” she said.  

In addition to her love of writing, Erin’s interest in journalism stems from a desire to help others by shedding light on unreported communities and issues. One topic that particularly captures her interest is the ongoing political turbulence in Hong Kong, where Erin lived for two years as a child. 

Erin’s mother, Fan Ye, said that making an effort to help others is nothing new for her daughter. “She always cares about other people,” Fan Ye said. “She devotes a lot of time to community service, even throughout the period of COVID-19. She and her friends even helped run a food drive.”

Erin said she hoped that participating in the Robert W. Greene Institute for High School Journalists will improve her writing.

“I think when I write I don’t always get straight to the point, so I’m hoping learning at the program will teach me to write more concisely,” she said. 

When she isn’t helping her community, Erin plays cello and piano, and she has run track since middle school. 

Erin hasn’t decided what career to pursue, but she hopes to incorporate her journalism skills into whatever field she enters.

“I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do in the future but once I’m in college and at that age I would still want to be writing for that school’s publication,” she said. “I think just being able to learn from journalism and being able to listen is a valuable skill even if I don’t end up going into the field. So I definitely want to keep writing and talking to people.”

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