Jayson Babcock: A passion for sports

By Abigail Hawker 
Sewanhaka High School

Jayson Babcock played his first tee ball game when he was three and fell in love right there. He knew that he wanted to be a professional sportswriter after watching the Yankees make the American League Championship Series in 2017.

“My eyes opened to the amazing world of sports,” he said. “And writing about sports became my passion. And I knew from when I was 13 that sports journalism was for me.”

The 16-year-old rising junior at Westhampton Beach High School loves his sports and has seen every Yankees game since 2016. “My life wouldn’t be complete without the Yankees,” he said.

He plays on his school’s junior varsity baseball team. Jayson also enjoys playing volleyball in gym class. “I have a really nice serve and I really enjoy playing,” he said.  He will be announcing varsity baseball games next year (if there is a season) given COVID-19.

He’s also passionate about writing. Jayson started writing on a regular basis two years ago. “I enjoy writing the same way an artist likes to paint,” he explained. “It’s an empty canvas waiting for someone to create something special.”

When he heads off to college, Jayson said he plans to major in broadcast journalism or sports journalism. He sees himself in the future doing play-by-play for a professional baseball team. “I enjoy every aspect of sports; the highs of winning and the lows of losing,” he said. “Putting words to paper is a way of communicating to fans like me.”

Jayson writes for his school’s website and plans to write for the newspaper next year.

Jayson is intrigued by writing because he feels that there is always new information to learn, especially in the sports world between injuries, trades and signing.

People who know Jayson describe him as someone they can count on. “He’s a good brother,” said his sister, Rose Babcock. “He helps me when I ask and always does the right thing. He’s going places, I would say.” His mother, Christine Babcock, referred to him as sweet. “Best son I could ask for. He’s very smart and caring. I wouldn’t trade him for the word. He’s going to be famous one day for sure.”

When he’s not playing or writing about sports, Jayson enjoys watching TV and movies. His favorite show is “Sherlock” and he loves a good mystery crime with a dash of comedy. His favorite movie is “Joker,” he said, “because it’s disturbing but realistic.”

When his teacher told him about the Robert W. Greene Program Summer Institute for High School Journalists, he said he knew right away that he wanted to do it. “Journalism is my future and learning anything on that topic is beneficial,” said Jayson.

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