Laylah Ametewee: Developing a voice, in music and in writing

By Abigail Changoor 
Benjamin N. Cardozo High School    

At a young age, Laylah Ametewee dreamed of sharing her voice with other writers.

“I believe journalism is in my blood,” said the Centereach High School rising senior. “If a writer is able to make a boring topic  interesting, to me that’s how you know a writer has a way with their words.” 

Laylah’s interest in journalism began with her grandmother and with her father, who had been a journalist in Ghana before coming to America in 1997. Laylah and her grandmother would watch “Good Morning America” together at 7 a.m., and Robin Roberts and Gayle King became her role models. Although her grandmother died in 2014, Laylah wants to pursue her dream of becoming a journalist in honor of her memory.

Besides working for the school newspaper, the 16-year-old is also involved in theater and community service projects at Centereach High School. Laylah shares her passion for theater with her older sister, Yarell Ametewee. “Laylah is caring, compassionate and definitely annoying, but being able to look across the stage [and see] her sing, made me so happy,” Yarell said.

To build her journalism experience, Laylah is attending the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists at Stony Brook University. She says she is, “extremely excited” to work with professionals who can add to her future writing career. She hopes the program will make her writing more professional.

After college, Laylah is looking forward to a career in journalism and, “earning the trust of the people,” she said. “I know we live in an age where my generation doesn’t trust mainstream media.” 

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