Shruti Vadada: following the words of Henry Luce

By Julie Ham
East Brunswick High School

Henry Luce once said, “I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world” — and Shruti Vadada abides by these words. 

When the rising junior at Herricks High School isn’t poised with pen over paper at her favorite writing spot in front of her window outlooking her yard in Roslyn of rolling green hills, she enjoys completing paint by numbers and baking. She recommends the Bon Appetit chocolate chip cookie recipe for any fellow aspiring quarantine bakers, and she glows when mentioning one of her favorite YouTube cooking channels, Tasty. 

Shruti’s friends describe her as a leader. “Shruti would be the first person to propose the group go exploring into parks or woods, urging on those who are skeptical, and always ready to explore the unknown,” close friend, Roshni Patel, related. 

As a child, Shruti, grew up on a healthy diet of literature — particularly dystopian — and Long Island. Of the latter, she has loved all the long drives over the years. Her mother, Shanti Vadada, tells of “many fond memories” of their family travels to Splish Splash, other places on the Island, and elsewhere around the world. 

These experiences have led her to growing “ into a smart, young girl who has her own opinions,” Ms. Vadada said. 

Shruti has been able to express her opinions through journalism after discovering it by taking the independent study English Scholars Program during her freshman year of high school. The program also exposed her to a range of literature from “poetry, fiction stories, researching authors and genres, and writing for contests and scholarships,” she listed excitedly in one breath. 

Simultaneously, she joined the newspaper club’s graphic design team. Eventually, she began writing articles on topics ranging from mental health to technology’s role at her high school. 

Shruti was also inspired to explore journalism by writer Karissa Chen’s visit to a school workshop. “This experience taught me that writing is not just about an individual perspective, it is about placing oneself in the shoes of others,” she explained. 

After her mother told her about the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists, she applied “to improve in writing, photography, editing and learn about the different types of journalism.”

She hopes that being a member of the Greene Team will help her decide if she should become a journalist too, as Henry Luce said, “come as close as possible to the heart of the world.” 

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