Day 1; The lowdown


After spending the night playing basketball with our Conference Assistants and a quick night of sleep, our first day was packed with new opportunities on the beautiful Stony Brook campus.

A beautiful morning on the Stony Brook University campus.

We began with a writing seminar in the newsroom, followed by a brief press conference with Steven Adelson a Political Science graduate and representative of the Andrew Goodman Foundation. We then moved through different media platforms of writing. After lunch we took a photography course with Professor John Conrad Williams, which was particularly exciting for me since photojournalism is the prime reason I looked into this course.

Professor Williams assists Greene Team member Emily Glennon.

We then had the chance to practice shooting in manual settings to really learn the ropes through practice. It’s more of a challenge, and is a cool reminder of how much more you can do with photos aside from iPhone shoots to add to your Instagram or Tumblr.

A bush of daisies from some tomfoolery in shooting practice.

After an early dinner we continued working late into the night in a videography class with Professor Ricioppo. The learning experience really never stops here! I’m looking forward to beginning my team’s first assignment; looking into the Diversity Plan of Stony Brook’s future, concerning the ethnic diversity and balance among students and faculty.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring!