Exhausted, but ecstatic!

Today is only the second day of the summer institute, and I have already learned so much. Yesterday, we had our first still photo lesson with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John Williams, and I discovered features on the Nikon d7100 that I didn’t even know existed. The camera itself is a brilliant piece of tech; I’m psyched that we’re being given the opportunity to use such a great camera. Playing around with different apertures and shutter speeds was pretty cool, and I felt like a professional photographer (or at least as professional as a 17-year-old can get).

Our days run from 6:30AM to around 10PM, and the other journalists and I have come to an unspoken conclusion: this week, we’re running on coffee and adrenaline. The lack of sleep is pretty worth it, however. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we’re definitely getting a feel of what the real world of journalism is like.

Not only is the journalistic aspect so indulging, but the opportunity to live on a college campus and get a small taste of college life is awesome. I have quickly become extraordinarily close with my suite-mates, and outside of our suite, all my fellow journalists are so nice, intelligent, and fun. We’ve all become so close in the past day. I couldn’t have been luckier with my group of colleagues.

Below are some samples of the pictures we took yesterday during our lesson with John Williams.

Emily Glennon, one of my suite-mates.
Alexa Pendleton, another suite-mate of mine.

DSC_9292 DSC_9285 DSC_9302 DSC_9304 DSC_9202