Just the beginning

Day 3 of the program has just begun and we’re already writing our blog posts… But this program will open many doors for each participant when we all go off to college and into the field. I came into the Robert W. Greene program with lots of experience in writing, photographing, filming and especially editing, but the tools that I’ve learned by spending these days in the Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library and the newsroom will help to launch me into further success.


However, the most exciting part for me has been creating new friendships with people who can bond over the same affinities or hobbies I have. The entire Stony Brook experience has been eye-opening and enticing, and I can say that it has only made my job to choose schools to apply to much more difficult – not to mention how stunningly picturesque the campus is – but I’m looking forward to see what the rest of the week entails!