Mostly work, some play


Press Box of the Long Island Ducks

If there’s one thing I’ve gained from this experience it would have to be how to become a better reporter… okay, well, that might be true,IMG_3965 but I meant to say that I’ve gained stress, a lot of stress. It was lots of fun to run around the Ducks game at Bethpage Ballpark and laugh with friends, but that time was limited.

Attending the Ducks games with my family and friends as a kid I was able to experience the baseball games to their full potential, but regardless of whether or not I understood baseball, or had an interest in the games, I will always remember those memories. And I can say the same about my visit to Bethpage Ballpark with the Greene Team. But by being the resident DuIMG_3855ck’s fan on the Greene Team I was able to use my past visits as inspiration for an enticing story. So we decided to run with it.

I also took some inspiration from my uncle, who just so happens to write sports editorials for the Daily News. We took into account fan attendance and dedication, fan demographics/diversity, and the Long Island Duck’s management interaction with their fans and supporters. We decided to ask “What makes a Ducks fan?” And my team and I couldn’t have been happier with the responses we received.

View from the press box and office of Duck’s announcer Chris King.