Last day!

It’s official. Tonight is, sadly, our last night in the Stony Brook Newsroom. We’ve been working our hardest all day to make sure we finished all of our stories by our deadline tonight, and we’re all extremely proud of what we’ve created in the past 72 hours. When I finished editing my video, I couldn’t stop … Continue reading “Last day!”

Day four: We broadcast a story and watch some fireworks

Today is Day Four, and we still haven’t learned to go to bed early. Every morning I tell myself that I’ll go to sleep right when we return to our dorms, because dragging myself out of bed at 6:30AM is not exactly at the top of my list of ‘Most Fun Activities To Do Over … Continue reading “Day four: We broadcast a story and watch some fireworks”

Feeling like a news anchor

Yesterday we had the opportunity to feel like real news anchors and give a brief news report either as an anchor or the weatherman. We all rotated jobs and I started out with working the teleprompter. After that I learned how to use the camera, and then used the camera. I also got to see … Continue reading “Feeling like a news anchor”

Making friends and having fun!

The Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists has been a lot of fun so far. At first the lessons in photography and video were long and tiring but as we got to experience taking actual footage, it’s been a blast. We just received our teams that we’ll be working on assignments with and … Continue reading “Making friends and having fun!”

Day 1; The lowdown

After spending the night playing basketball with our Conference Assistants and a quick night of sleep, our first day was packed with new opportunities on the beautiful Stony Brook campus. We began with a writing seminar in the newsroom, followed by a brief press conference with Steven Adelson a Political Science graduate and representative of the … Continue reading “Day 1; The lowdown”