Congratulations Greene Team!

As the ninth year of the Greene program comes to a close, one word stands out as a theme: teamwork.

Without a dedicated team of faculty, staff and volunteers, this program simply could not happen. In turn, the lessons in teamwork learned by the students this weeks are ones we hope will stay with them throughout their careers. The spirit of collaboration that marked Bob Greene’s own career — from the Arizona Project to his famous investigations team at Newsday — was alive and well in the Newsroom this week.

We’d like to thank all who contributed to making the program run so smoothly.

Having a record 25 students in the program this year enabled us to reach more students, including more residents of New York City.

We promised the students in advance that this would be a whirlwind week of work, fun, frustration and exhilaration. There is no doubt they would agree that it was. Their passion for journalism at such a young age is inspiring. We hope this week helps them continue on their path as the next generation of journalists. Bob wouldn’t want it any other way.

–  Zack and Cathrine

Good night, and good luck
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