By Diego Munhoz
Longwood High School

Since she started working on her middle school newspaper, Kyria Moore knew she wanted to be a journalist.

The Copiague High School senior believes that just like painting, poetry and movies, journalism is an art. And like one of her biggest influences, ESPN sportscaster and anchor Stuart Scott, she wants to be an artist and “bring life to stories.”

One opportunity to become that kind of artist materialized one day when Kyria was in her first-period class listening to the announcements. One of them was about a journalism camp at Stony Brook University. “I worked very hard on my application because it was finally an opportunity to exercise my passion for journalism,” she said of the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists.

“I was very excited when I heard that I would be part of the Greene Team,” she said. “I expect to learn the details of this profession and be able to combine all the necessary skills in the best possible way.”

Kyria’s mother, Kimshea, said her daughter, who is inspired by R&B and soul music, already possesses many attributes that could help her establish a successful career. “She is kind, sincere and intelligent” and writes beautiful poetry, her mother said.

When she becomes a successful writer, “I will be very proud of her,” her mother continued. “I look forward to telling people that my daughter wrote that article or that poem.”

Although she wrote for her middle school newspaper, there is no journalism club, class or a newspaper in her high school. There is a poetry club and she is a member.

Kyria, who is a member of the Copiague track and field team, strongly believes that every school should have a journalism class or club.

It would connect the students in the school and help them find a passion for reading and writing and create a new generation of good journalists, she believes.

While some people today believe that the arrival of the internet has made young people forget about reading and writing. Kyria disagrees. “There is more interest in reading and writing today than ever,” she said.

But because she thinks we live in an era with a lot of  “unnecessary information,” we need writers who “focus on controversial and significant issues and not in what celebrities are eating.”

Kyria Moore: Words will bring the world together
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