By Sarah Graziano
Saint John the Baptist Diocesan High School

At the age of 12, Sydnee Johnson had a dream of being at the anchor desk.

The senior at Preparatory Academy for Writers in Springfield Gardens and St. Albans native, tuned into Good Morning America with her grandparents every morning to watch her inspiration, Robin Roberts. She continues to study her idol very closely by keeping up to date on her latest interviews.

Sydnee is very inspired by both Roberts’ performance and the rest of the show’s involvement helping to keep it one of America’s favorites. She sees the major role the anchors play and can picture herself doing the same. “I really want to see the show in person and hope to have a chance someday,” she said.

Even though she has not had any broadcast journalism experience yet, Sydnee has not let that stop her. At the age of eight, she made her own show on YouTube. Sydnee interviewed R&B artists, which inspired her to pursue a career in broadcast journalism.

“Syd is resilient,” said her mother, Candy Johnson. “She has an innate ability to bounce back from things and hold no grudges, and she is also a giver.”

Sydnee holds St. Jude Children’s Hospital close to her heart. She participated in the “Share My Birthday” program and collected toys, books and games, at her 16th birthday party to donate to the pediatric patients.

According to her loved ones, Sydnee has a lot of character. “She is radiant and charismatic physically, so it draws audiences to look and listen to her,” her mother said. Sydnee’s sister, StarAsia adds, “She is a people person. She knows how to interact and she knows how to get the answers necessary for her reports.”

Beyond her media interests, Sydnee models for Estelle’s Dressy Dresses. She also enjoys dancing and singing. Sydnee’s cousin Raven Robinson said, “Whether she’s dancing, modeling or writing, her determination and perseverance will lead her to a path of success.”

Sydnee is hoping that being selected for the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists at Stony Brook University will be one step on that path to success. “The program will show me more about journalism and give me more experience. You can build a connection with people that have the same interests as you,” Sydnee said.

Sydnee has great aspirations for where her career path lies after taking part in this intense week of journalism.

“I hope that this program has an impact on me and makes me grow in my technique,” she said. “It gives me opportunities to have more mentors and opens more doors for internships with different networks.”

Sydnee Johnson: An enterprising young broadcaster

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