By Grace Anne McKenna

As the Bob Greene institute comes to a close, the team is putting all our effort into wrapping up our story packages. For lunch, we ate pizza in the conference room and reflected on our week. We discussed our expectations coming into the program and explained how we grew as young journalists.

After that, we met back in the newsroom and were introduced to a dean of admissions at Stony Brook University. He told us about the do’s and don’ts when looking at and applying to colleges. To close the meeting, Bill Bleyer spoke to the group about journalism and careers in the future. He even gave us advice for college.

Then, we separated into our groups once again to work on completing our stories. We had a brief news meeting to set deadlines and discuss our progress in our work. After, we ate dinner and went to see “The Kings Choice” at the Stony Brook Film Festival.

This experience has been so helpful to my work as a journalist and so much fun meeting new people and trying new things. I would have never known what it was like to stand behind a video camera or how to set up and edit pictures if it weren’t for this institute.

I will use my knowledge that I have gained in this past week at my school newspaper and in the future. I especially loved learning how to structure my articles, learning about journalistic terms (leads, blind leads, TK, etc.).

I can’t wait until tomorrow when we are able to show off all our hard work! Yet, I will miss all of my new friends here at the Greene Team.

Wrapping up a great experience

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  • July 31, 2017 at 4:06 pm

    Great job this week, Grace!


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