A jam-packed first day

By Jaden Morello

July 22nd: Monday- Officially Day One!

The alarm goes off at 6:45 am and suddenly I feel as if I’m back in school again. I definitely was not prepared for the early mornings, considering I’ve been sleeping in every day this past month.

The Greene Team and I headed to our first official lesson: Introduction to Still Photography taught by the Pulitzer Prize Winning Photo Editor John Williams. It was such a great opportunity to learn new photo techniques and be able to shoot photographs with and of my fellow peers. This was my favorite part of the day because of how fun it was! The weather was beautiful and everyone seemed to enjoy using the professional cameras and their massive lenses.

Isabella Cuteri and I viewing photographs on the camera.
Shot by Isabelle Friedberg.

We also attended a workshop taught by professor Rick Ricioppo from this school. I was able to learn how to record footage on a video camera, proper interview techniques, and meet with my assigned team for the first time for the week.

Overall, this felt like a jam packed first day that helped me improve some of my journalism skills. I was very grateful to make new friends, get to know the rest of the Greene Team, and be taught lessons by the best of the best. I feel very eager for what’s to come the rest of the week, as well as be able to soak up new learning techniques.

Isabelle Friedberg and I during photography class.
Photo by Isabella Scuteri.

Day One complete! Here’s to Day Two!

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