Alexandra Weldon: The reader, the writer, the reporter

By David Wang
Great Neck South High School

Alexandra Weldon’s love and passion for reading provide fertile ground for her active imagination.

Alexandra, a rising junior at Earl L. Vandermeulen High School in the Port Jefferson School District, can often be found at the Port Jefferson Free Library, passing the time by delving into various genres, including horror and adult fiction.

“I like adult fiction because I feel like the stories and the writing itself is very mature,” she said. “I like horror because I feel like it puts a little fantasy twist on reality without being too unrealistic, and it also surprises me.”

Alexandra has always embraced the idea of being a free thinker and fiction often leads to that exploration. 

“Reading makes me think and triggers my imagination,” she said. “I always think it’s interesting when I’m reading, that the narrator is written to be likable, but sometimes they have qualities that feel the opposite.”

At 15, Alexandra is still undecided about her academic journey and eventual career path.

“My parents have always been very supportive of my interests and encouraged open-mindedness when thinking about what I wanted to do when I grow up,” she said.

As Alexandra starts to think about a future career in journalism, she is taking into consideration her parents’ suggestion of combining writing with law.

Alexandra decided to take a dip into journalism during her freshman year of high school when she enrolled in a broadcasting class. 

“It gave me an idea of what a real newsroom was like,” she said. “The technical aspects of journalism, like camera working, teleprompting and editing caught my interest.”

Alexandra wants to continue to learn more about the technical side of journalism during her time at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute. Greene’s background in investigative journalism is particularly intriguing, she said.

“I like how the news of the day is always different,” Alexandra said. “And in the field of journalism, you would get to experience that firsthand.”

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