Alyssa La Motta: A creative current-events enthusiast

By Amanda Mitchell
Elmont Memorial High School

Alyssa La Motta has been writing ever since she was young, and she hopes to continue doing it as a professional journalist.

Alyssa is a rising senior, and she is attending the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists to represent Baldwin High School.

Alyssa first began her writing experiences in the fifth grade when she was experimenting with literary elements and rhetorical devices.

“I remember when I was little, I would write small poems in birthday cards for my family, and my dad would pin them up in his office,” she said.

At first, Alyssa’s parents thought her birthday cards were very cute, but as she grew older and began to write more, they became impressed with her skills.

“I always thought that she had an author’s voice, and she would she would speak very maturely at a young age,” Lisa La Motta, Alyssa’s mother, said. “I was surprised because at a young age she had a vast vocabulary.”

She later broadened her journalistic horizons by joining the yearbook club in the sixth grade.

“I went around and took photos of students at lunch,” she said.

Alyssa has been involved in many activities at Baldwin High School throughout her years there.

“I made sure that during my senior year I would be engaged as much as possible by doing Key Club treasurer, Women’s Choir section leader, and Yearbook editor,” Alyssa said.

Alyssa continued her adventures in the yearbook club as she went further into high school.

“During my upperclassmen years, I became more involved in clubs,” she said. “One of my favorite memories was writing blurbs for the senior yearbook, and I was the only student doing it.” 

As she prepares for her final year at Baldwin High School to commence, Alyssa said she is grateful for the guidance of one of her favorite English teachers, Christopher Soupios.

“He pushed me to be more expressive in my writing,” Alyssa said. “Mr. Soupios was one of the few teachers at Baldwin High School that really pushed my dedication and perseverance for hard work.”

Alyssa said she is excited about getting hands-on experience in the journalism field at the Greene Summer Institute.

Alyssa intends on being a speech writer. Public speaking is a broad topic of interest for Alyssa and her family. She enjoys writing about current events and has a lot of experience with that topic.

“I also enjoy writing reports, summaries, and significant feedback” on current events, she said.

Alyssa remains undecided on where she will attend college, but she hopes to find the perfect State University of New York (SUNY) school to pursue journalism.

“I’m destined,” she said, “to be the best Alyssa I can be in journalism.”

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