Amanda Mitchell: An open mind for writing

By Alyssa La Motta
Baldwin High School

Amanda Mitchell has always been a creative, out-of-the box thinker, which has helped fuel her love and passion for writing.

Even as a young child, she would create short stories about drama, friendship and comedy. “Ever since I was five years old, all I’ve ever done was write,” said Amanda Mitchell, a 16-year-old incoming junior at Elmont Memorial High School.

Since then, she has continued to immerse herself in creative writing. Her environment, as well as her family and friends have helped contribute to her independent writing style.

In addition, “the shows I watched were an inspiration to me to write about new plots and twists,” said Amanda, who loves to envelope herself in the stories she creates.

She has a loud mind according to her mother Deon Mitchell, who notes that Amanda has always loved to read and write. 

Settled in her comfort zone, Amanda uses her bedroom as a thinking space to let her ideas run freely. “Ever since I started writing, I wrote in my room all the time,” she said. 

Her family has supported her passion for writing and has always provided encouragement. “They listen to my stories and offer advice about how I can improve the bumps in the plot line,” Amanda said.

Her love of writing has led her to consider a career in journalism. Amanda’s interest in journalism stems from the allure of cultural arts. Though her interests lie within the literacy portion of journalism, her attention to photography and other forms of media are beginning to advance quickly. “I’ve always wanted to dig deeper into the journalism field,” she said.

While considering her plans for the future, Amanda is taking her curiosity in journalism one step further at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists. Though journalism might not be her final destination, Amanda believes the program will help her in creative arts. 

With an eager mind, Amanda is excited to “gain more experience and knowledge” from an authentic college environment. “I think the Greene program is a good opportunity to participate in one of the many Stony Brook programs” she said.

Amanda hopes to hone her writing skills and broaden her journalistic options in order to pursue opportunities that she was initially unaware of. Debating her future career path, Amanda is considering other fields in communications, primarily in media advancements or public media. 

Amanda looks forward to discovering her niche as she continues to pursue her passion of creating writing that started as a child. 

“I’m going to be whatever is destined for me,” she said. “It all comes with time and experience.” 

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