Candace Morgan: From books to news

By Julia Heming
Roosevelt High School

Candace Morgan wants to change the world by identifying issues and highlighting them through writing. 

“I like to write and share the truth about things,” said the rising senior at Roosevelt High School. 

Candace often reads and watches the news, primarily The Shade Room and News 12. She also enjoys reading books about topics she finds important, such as “The Habit of Surviving: Black Women’s Strategies for Life” by Kesha Y. Scott.

Her interest in journalism was sparked during her search for college and career paths. Journalism seemed like a good fit because English is Candace’s favorite class. 

She credits her eleventh grade English teacher, Mr. Littwin, for helping to develop her English passion. “He opened my eyes to many things in the world, and he made sure he picked stories that relate to us so we can have a better understanding of the stories,” Candace said. 

In her writing, Candace seeks to appeal to fellow teenagers by “including jokes and engagement with people around my age, like using slang.”

Candace began writing early. When she was ten, she wrote and illustrated her own series of books. Now, at the age of 16, Candace writes about issues in her community and the things around her. 

“I think she’s great at writing,” said Missy De los Santos, Candace’s best friend. “She has personality in her writing and she puts thought into what she writes about.” 

This September, Candace will put these skills to work when she begins writing for her school paper, Roosevelt High School News. 

Writing and reading are not her only interests. Candace is a proud member of her school’s cheerleading squad, which she enjoys because of the stepping and dancing involved. 

Candace hopes to attend Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland, so she can join their notable alumni list that includes 20th-century African American author Zora Neale Hurston.

She hopes being part of the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists at Stony Brook University will elevate her writing. 

“It’s a really good experience to learn the actual steps to become a journalist and how much work it is,” she said.

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