Isabella Roccanova: Aspiring journalist on the rise

By Kiana Wright
Digital Arts And Cinema Technology High School

Isabella Roccanova has always loved writing stories. At a young age, her mind was filled with creative thoughts and ideas.  

According to her mother, Mary Roccanova, “Writing seems to come very easy to Isabella; it comes from the top of her head.’’

When she would get assignments in school, she always looked forward to writing in her journal. At her 8th grade graduation, Isabella received an award for English writing.  

Isabella is a 16 year old rising junior at Holy Trinity School on Long Island. She is passionate about the writing and photography that she brings to her school’s newspaper, The Trinity Triangle. “Journalism is the type of career where you can write about many things,” Isabella said. “It’s a way for people to express themselves in the best way possible.” 

Last summer, Isabella became more interested in journalism when she attended two broadcasting camps at Hofstra University. “It was really fun editing and being in front of a teleprompter. I’d love to do it all over again,’’ she said.

Isabella credits her English teacher, Mr. Lemos, for being her biggest supporter. “My English teacher never sugarcoated anything in my writing,” she said. “He always kept it real with me and gave me good feedback to help boost my writing skills.” 

When Isabella graduates in the year of 2021, envisions herself at Trinity College, Boston College or Muhlenberg College, majoring in either digital multimedia or coding. She aspires to hold a career in journalism or broadcasting.  

When she noticed her acceptance into the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists at Stony Brook University, Isabella felt grateful for the opportunity. Isabella was excited to experience college life with like-minded people in the dorms and dining halls. She was even more elated to get hands-on experience with cameras and equipment.

“Most importantly, I can’t wait to learn more about journalism as a whole. This experience is once in a lifetime.”          

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