Jaden Morello: Inspired by nature, photography and writing

By Isabelle Castaño Friedberg
The Chapin School

Jaden Morello is an aspiring journalist who has already published countless stories online read by thousands of followers.

 “Growing up around water and lots of scenery, I started off loving to take pictures,” the 16-year-old Bay Shore High School rising junior said. “From there I thought I would love to write my own books.”

From his penchant for writing and photography, his interest in journalism grew after joining his middle school newspaper club.

Writing for his school newspapers has given Jaden a perspective on the importance of journalism in helping people around the world connect and stay up-to-date on important global issues. He also enjoys his English classes, and last year he read more than 100 books. 

He credits his mother with guiding and inspiring him to be a writer and journalist.

“I always looked up to her,” he said. “She was the one who constantly led me to read a lot when I was younger, which led me to enjoy reading and writing.”  

Janelle Lugo, Jaden’s mother, has a background in writing and journalism. She majored in communications in college, then worked for Sony Music, and then became a teacher. 

“As a single mom, Jaden was like my BFF,” Lugo said. “So I always shared my interests with him. When he was young, he wrote a short story, and he started taking really awesome pictures, so I tried to encourage him, thinking, ’Why not major in journalism?’ ”

Jaden’s friends agree that he is a talented writer. His friend Michelle Salmeron explained that writing “is where he expresses himself more as a person.” She said he helps his friends with essays, giving them ideas on how to improve their own writing.    

Jaden is excited to be a part of Stony Brook University’s Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists, where he hopes to develop the skills he will need to achieve his dream career.

 “Ever since I began writing,” he said, “I knew I wanted to pursue a career in journalism.”

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