Julia Heming: Already an award-winning journalist

By Candace Morgan
Roosevelt High School

Most children don’t have a career plan at the age of 12, but Julia Heming did. And that plan was a career in journalism.

The 17-year-old rising senior at Hampton Bays High School said she knew she wanted to pursue journalism when she went on assignment for Kidsday, the young people’s page in Newsday, when she was a student at Our Lady of Hamptons R.C. School (OLH). 

“I was 12, and I went into New York City with kids, and I interviewed Lily James and Richard Madden at Sacks Fifth Avenue after the ‘Cinderella’ remake,” she said.

With family members in the field, Julia feels familiar with journalism and its importance to the world.

“My grandmother is an editor at Newsday, and my great-grandfather was a photojournalist for Look magazine,” she said.

After she learned the importance of a journalism career, she came into high school ready to get more involved. She took a journalism elective, which taught her that many journalists made sacrifices for their jobs. Now she wants to make a difference in the world with her writing.

“I was the first and only person in Hampton Bays to take journalism as a freshman,” she said.

Julia also took AP English Literature and Composition in her junior year, and this year she will be taking news literacy and AP English Language and Composition.

Julia is the editor of the Hampton Bays High School newspaper, The Tide. She also runs the newspaper’s Instagram page @thehbtide to still keep people engaged in events when school is out. 

She is currently an intern at the local weekly newspaper, The Southampton Press, where she works two days a week.

“I love it,” she said. “I have my own desk, and I have deadlines, and I’m published weekly, which is amazing. It’s a great opportunity to learn and grow.”

She enjoys fashion and has a blog called “The Jeweled Life” that follows fashion trends.

“It’s my baby,” she said. “I started everything myself, the Instagram and the website. I spent hours creating the website to make everything perfect.”

Julia’s friends say she is a great writer.

“I would say Julia’s writing is amazing,” said her best friend, Lindsay Dunn. “She focuses closely on detail and writes about important topics in school for the paper while writing playful pieces about fashion for her blog. Her dedication definitely shines through her work.”

She has many accomplishments. She won third place in the best news story category at Adelphi University’s Quill Awards this year for a piece called “McGann-Mercy Closed Its Doors.”

She has hobbies other than journalism. She was a varsity cheerleader for two years and a rising cheer coach.

Julia said she is definitely going to study journalism in college. She wants to attend Stony Brook University because it has a very good journalism program. She is thrilled to be a part of this year’s Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists at the university.

“I’m so excited to be a part of the Greene Team, and I am honored to follow in Bob Greene’s footsteps,” she said. “I wanted to be part of it because this gets me one step closer to a career in journalism.”

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