Kiana Wright: From film to broadcast

By Isabella Roccanova
Holy Trinity High School

Kiana Wright loved writing from a young age, but it was only after a freshman year writing assignment—a seven-page creative rewrite of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet—that she truly recognized it as both a passion and a career option.

“Once I got to high school, Mrs. Scott [my English teacher] started giving out more and more writing assignments, and as I wrote more I realized that I was pretty good at it,” she said.

Wright was born and raised an only child in Brooklyn, New York. When she was younger, she didn’t know what she wanted to do as she grew up.

Now 16 years old, Wright has many creative hobbies and interests as she approaches her junior year in the Digital Art and Cinema Technology High School in New York City.

Wright won awards for her writing while she was in grade school. She has always loved to write, and her favorite stories have always been about real people and current events.

“I like to write and share stories from other people,” Wright said. “It’s fun to explore and hear different things from different people.” 

In addition to writing, Wright has found an interest in photography. Her favorite things to photograph are landscapes.

Wright’s goal at the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists is to test the waters of journalism and see if news reporting is a career that she’d consider. She is ecstatic about building on her existing writing skills, learning about editing techniques and reporting news. She is most excited about experiencing college life.

Wright has directed, filmed and produced short films in class, and she has experienced being both in front of and behind a camera.

“Going to film school, I’m behind the set a lot,” she said. “I also like to interview people.”

Wright’s biggest supporters in her literature journey have been her English teachers and her mom.

“Whenever I’m done writing anything, I give it to [my mom], and she’s honest about my writing,” Wright said.

“I’m 100 percent behind my daughter,” her mother, Jennifer McIntosh, said. “I’m very proud of her as my daughter, and she has my love and support.”

Wright aspires to major in journalism and minor in film at Stony Brook University, Columbia University or Howard University. She knows that Columbia is notoriously difficult to get accepted into, but she is prepared to try her best during her last two years in high school.

“I’m excited to grow as a journalist,” she said, “and grasp new techniques that I could use for the future.”

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