Olivia Mintz: Diving into creative writing

By Talasia Matthews
Roosevelt High School

Olivia Mintz developed a passion for writing at a young age. She specifically loved to write poetry and would do it as often as she could. That love of writing grew in middle school as she took more advanced classes and learned to hone her craft. 

“English was always my favorite subject and I never felt bored with writing assignments in class,” said Olivia, a 16-year-old junior at Half Hollow Hills West High School. 

Harnessing her passion for poetry, Olivia entered a poetry contest in the seventh grade and won third place. In ninth grade, Olivia found herself interested in journalism. She subsequently enrolled in a journalism class, which led her to join her school’s newspaper later on. 

“I’ve loved it ever since and hope to be editor-in-chief as a senior,” she said, adding that it helps that she’s outgoing with a friendly personality.

Olivia is an arts and entertainment editor at her school newspaper. She writes about movies, music and popular televised events. Olivia has gotten a lot of support and many opportunities from her staff members, editors and advisors, which has inspired her to continue her journalistic journey.

When in need of help, she looks for motivation from her family. 

“My parents motivate me to achieve my goals because they are extremely supportive of me,” she said. Her parents always wanted her to find something she loves and is passionate about. 

“I’m very proud that you have something to be creative about and I am excited to see how you are going to grow,” said her mother, Melissa Mintz, to Olivia.

To stay on task with her writing during the summer, Olivia decided to apply to Stony Brook University School of Journalism’s Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists.

Though she got accepted to be in the program, she wasn’t sure her odds given the high number of applicants. “I was extremely excited and caught off guard,” Olivia said. 

But she was ready for the challenge, considering her favorite quote is “just do it.”

During this program, she will be learning how to edit, write, report, shoot videos, interview and have many more journalistic adventures.

Being a part of the Greene team will drive Olivia even further to become a journalist, express her creative writing and enhance her knowledge of the craft. Upon graduation, she plans to attend college pursuing a major in journalism and a minor in English and education. 

 “I hope to be accepted into Columbia or Stony Brook,” she said. 

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