Sophia Seda: Surrounded by stories

By Maya Ratner
Expeditionary Learning School for Community Leaders

Sometimes watching TV with family members can be impactful to a person’s life because it can help define their passion. When Sophia Seda was a little girl, she enjoyed watching the news with her father, inspired by the fact that people are always around when something important happens.

“When I was little I was watching TV with my father and he used to always tell me that it’s what I should do,” Sophia said.

Even though Sophia and her family have always liked the idea of her becoming a TV anchor, she is considering a career in which she can write.

Journalism is something that has always been around her. That’s why she doesn’t even remember when she first became interested. “It has never been a realization because it has always been my passion,” Sophia said.

One of Sophia’s role models is English teacher Amy McGlone, who encouraged her to write more and find her style, leading her to feel confident and passionate about the craft. She is also inspired by Oprah Winfrey who according to Sophia, went through terrible times, but still persevered to become a role model. 

Sophia finds interest in sports and writes about them in her school’s newspaper, Pow Wow. Sports can be a subjective subject, but Sophia tries to be as objective as she can in every article she writes. “I always try to not be opinionated,” Sophia said.

In order to become a better writer, Sophia applied to the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists. She was introduced to it by her college advisor, Kelly Buonaspina.

Though only an incoming junior at Brentwood High School, Sophia has already begun to pave the way for her success. When she is not writing stories for her school’s newspaper, Sophia is active in theater and swimming.

In the future, Sophia aspires to become a TV anchor on CBS News. Although she has a passion for sports, Sophia hopes to eventually delve into politics.

“I want to write about political things. And I want to be there when the world changes.”

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