Talasia Matthews: Fashion journalist in the making

By Olivia Mintz
Half Hollow Hills West High School

For Talasia Matthews, the beginning of her journalistic journey began with a fascination for fashion. 

“At a young age, I would always play dress up with my cousins,” said the 17-year-old from Roosevelt, New York.  “I would also watch America’s Next Top Model on a daily basis. These activities grew my passion for fashion.” 

To catch up with the news broadcasted on television, Talasia typically tunes into News 12 Long Island. She says that journalism is genuinely interesting because “hearing people’s stories keeps me on the edge of my seat.”

Talasia attends Roosevelt High School and discovered journalism as an eleventh-grade student. “By the end of my junior year I realized I was in love with filming and cameras and also had a favorite hobby of taking pictures,” she said.

Because of her great interest in fashion and writing, Talasia aspires to become a fashion journalist. This is an idea Talasia has had for a while and believes that this would be a career that she would enjoy for the rest of her life. In addition to loving writing as a whole, Talasia says “It clears my mind and express my emotions through writing.”

Talasia also loves English, as it is one of her favorite school subjects. When she was in middle school, Talasia would write plays and cast her classmates in them. As an eleventh grader she has loved participating in Shakespeare plays she would read in class.

Talasia has not yet joined her school’s newspaper but wants to play a role as a staff writer for the paper next year as a senior. She believed that she did not have the confidence at the time to join. “I was scared on how people would view me,” she said. However, she did begin to write about announcements for upcoming school events. She plans on revisiting her school’s dance team and was formerly in fashion club. In addition to writing, Talasia likes to go shopping.

Talasia’s older sister Nya describes her as “a caring individual, very hardworking, dependable and willing to put others before herself.” Because of her outgoing personality, she thinks that it helps her engage in group work. Talasia describes her personality as “goofy” and “loves to keep smiles on people’s faces”.

Keisha Matthews, Talasia’s mother, is extremely supportive of her daughter pursuing a career in journalism. “I feel like you hearing other people’s point of view about the world is an amazing way to be creative,” said Keisha to Talasia. “Your passion for journalism will take you to many places in the future.”

On the fateful day of receiving her acceptance email into the Robert W. Greene Institute for High School Journalists, Talasia was ecstatic. “I was so surprised I was chosen to be in the Greene Team out of the number of students that applied to be in this program.” She is most looking forward to opening up more as a person.

To the future generation of young journalists, Talasia suggests, “Don’t be afraid, block out the negative to achieve the positive, and write from your heart.”

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