The Best Interview Ever

Thursday was one of the busiest days I’ve had all week. Since my team, consisting of myself, Alyssa, Lily, Cielo and Jaden, were assigned the arts roundup piece, we had to conduct several interviews and capture many pictures and videos to create our media package.

Our group had to interview the director of the Staller Center, Alan Inkles, which was a very fun experience. This was the first interview I’ve conducted all week so I wanted to make the best of it. As an editor in my school’s newspaper, I interview people often but, this was the best one I’ve done by far. With encouragement and a pep talk from Wasim, my group was able to appropriately rise to the occasion.

The reason that the interview with Alan Inkles was my favorite was because he was extremely open about his experiences in film and as a coordinator of the festival, which was very interesting. He had a lot to say and it didn’t even feel like a real interview. Everyone could contribute so it felt moreso like a casual conversation with a friend.

Team 4 (left to right: Olivia Mintz, Lily McInerney, Alan Inkles, Cielo Castaneda, Jaden Morello and Alyssa La Motta.) with Alan Inkles. Shot by Wasim Ahmad.

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