A jam-packed first day

By Jaden Morello July 22nd: Monday- Officially Day One! The alarm goes off at 6:45 am and suddenly I feel as if I’m back in school again. I definitely was …

Fun First Day, Fun First Night

My first day here was one like I’ve never experienced. I was very surprised to befriend pretty much everyone on the Greene Team! Compared to today, Sunday was a short day and we had a lot of free time. Instead of staying in my room all night with the few people I already knew, Lily, Julia and Olivia, I decided to walk around with them to become familiar with the residents hall. It ended up being that the four of us explored the hall with many other girls in the group and sparked instant friendships from there.

New friends, new stories

The Robert W. Greene Institute for High School Journalist has officially begun. Among what has already been many long hours of lectures and hands-on experience with new technology and equipment. …

Fast friends, fun experiences in only 24 hours at Greene

It’s been 24 hours since our parents dropped us off here at Stony Brook, an experience unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Today has been amazing and as my brain scrambles to make leads and take photos, my heart is happy that I’ve found such good friends here.