A challenge = a new opportunity to learn 


Liliana Stella 

Even though I have been doing an abundance of things these past few days, July 20th 2021, seems to be the busiest. My team and I are starting to really break down our story. Developing questions, organizing those questions into topics of discussion and assigning roles for our projects have been a few of the activities we have been doing.  As a team we have been working hard and contributing to better strengthen our story. When assigning roles, I immediately jumped towards the writing position. Writing is something that I believe is my strong suit. I can easily articulate what I want to say through writing and I feel comfortable. However, I then reflected upon why I wanted to do this program in the first place. I want to learn more!  Suddenly, I felt the urge to be an interviewer because that’s something that I am the least familiar with. I figured that since I had already gained so much knowledge on writing through developing the profiles, I should visit another part of the field.  Rather than simply choosing writing again, or picking editing which I have done plenty of in the past, interviewing would be the biggest challenge. With all that being said, I knew that being an interviewer would be the best way to further benefit my journalism career for the future.