A complicated but beneficial third day


What a weird way to go about my third day at Greene. For one, I had a really strange experience while using Skype for the first time. Throughout our lesson, my Internet kept fading out and it caused some coordination issues when trying to learn how to be an anchor.

Those coordination issues ranged from me having to try to use the Padcaster tripod to put my web camera on to having to do a rerun of it. However, towards the end of the day things got better. I learned how to take it upon myself to secure a role and learned how to conduct an interview that looked to have been not what you have had expected it to be.

During the second half of the day, I learned from my group that we didn’t assign roles to the annual Greene week project. Knowing that, I wanted to take initiative while trying to improve article writing. I announced that I would be writing the project’s print section. I was lucky enough to keep the position after we went into breakout rooms where the other members said that they were okay with me taking the post.

What really enlightened this strange day was that I was able to interview a Greene alum for the project. This also helped the others move forward in the project once we all got on board since I missed our first meeting and I wasn’t as present during the second one. It really got better when I interviewed that Greene alum and improved my skills by jumping in less, letting that Greene alum get what she needed to say out and using this interview to believe in myself.

I also learned that I need to take charge with less advisement from a higher-up. My day certainly improved as I gained interviewing experience and learned the importance of coordination.