Chloe Findlay: Eager to try anything and everything


By Chadwick Roy
Mathematics, Science Research, And Technology Magnet High School

Nothing about Chloe Findlay would hint that she once played the part of Pinocchio, but she did in a winter play at her high school. Even her mom couldn’t quite believe it. “It was just a sight to see,” her mother said of the athletic and energetic rising junior. 

Chloe’s energy is apparent. She says she wants to do everything when it comes to sports or “anything she can get her hands on.” 

She proved this when she got her softball team at LUHI in Glen Head to pull together while students at  the school, Long Island Lutheran High School, were home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her mother said, “Chloe went straight into action, doing fundraisers, creating a Twitter account for her softball team, and recruiting other young women to be a part of the team.” Because of this, the team went undefeated that whole year and made it to the finals, but fell short by one run. 

Other activities she is involved in include journalism, tae kwon do, music and acting. 

In an interview, Chloe’s journalism teacher, Eric Belyea, said that Chloe is one of those students who, “if they put their mind to it you can consider it already done.” Belyea noted that when he met Chloe in the January semester class, she was quite timid, but once she found her “mojo” within journalism she was hooked. He also said that Chloe was truly a hard worker from the start of the class to the end.

It was her journalism teacher who encouraged her to attend the Robert W. Greene Summer Institute for High School Journalists at Stony Brook University. Chloe agreed that attending this program would sharpen her skills because she would like to be a newscaster, or newswriter. Baylea says that if Chloe sets her mind to it, she will succeed. 

Vanessa Osse, a rising senior at LUHI, said she doesn’t know Chloe well, but they have classes together. “Even though Chloe is a grade below us, she’s super smart and takes honors courses with upperclassmen.”  Those who know her would agree that between her extracurricular activity and her classwork, Chloe Findlay shows where hard work can get you in life. Even if it’s on stage with a long nose!