Day 1 at Greene: Stephanie Brumsey pep talk and Padcasters


Day 1 at the Greene Institute was a great introduction. We heard an awesome pep talk from MSNBC producer Stephanie Brumsey to start the day. Her personality was incredible and I really appreciated that she was able to take over an hour to talk to us. She gave us a lot of helpful information and advice to help us in our journalism careers. Brumsey was truly authentic and her story about being adopted and experiencing some adversity in the journalism field was inspiring. Her pep talk also put me in the right head space to be hungry for the information that we’ll be learning this week.

We were also fortunate enough to meet with Josh Apter, the creator of the Padcaster. We assembled the Padcasters and were able to test them out. I’m already pretty obsessed with it in all honesty. It’s a great contraption that makes recording both video and audio much easier and the finished product just turns out better.

This device is actually genius (Photo by Julia Capitelli)

When we were experimenting with ClipChamp prior to this week, we were asked to make videos about something we like that helps people get to know us a little better. I did mine on playing the viola. I wasn’t entirely happy with how the audio turned out, particularly when it came to the music recordings. I also make quite a few viola recordings for school that I’m never entirely happy with due to the audio quality on my phone. When we tested the Padcasters, I did a test with my viola to see if the microphone on there would make a noticeable difference. I’m never making a music recording without the Padcaster ever again. The audio was significantly better and I didn’t have to waste time propping up my phone on books or tissue boxes because the Padcaster stand worked perfectly. I’m really excited to make more videos, both reporting and music, with the help of the Padcaster.

Day 1 went by pretty quickly. I’m excited to get into some more detail in the lectures later in the week. I’m really interested in broadcast media, so I’m particularly looking forward to Wednesday when we get to be in our virtual studio.