Day 3 at Greene: Anchors, weather, and a lot of emails


Today was my favorite day of Greene week so far. We started by heading to a virtual Skype studio to do a newscast. I had the role of reporting the weather which gave me a good opportunity to practice speaking on a broadcast. The students who had the roles of the anchors were awesome, and I was really happy to work with them.

I feel like I need to just relax in front of the camera and be my natural self. Some other students in this program were really fun to watch in their newscasts. They were so natural and enthusiastic. If they had actually been on TV, I would have watched. This is a skill I’m definitely going to need to work on since I really want to go into broadcast media, particularly for sports.

This was my crude but sufficient broadcast setup from this morning (Photo by Julia Capitelli)

After the recording and watching our broadcast, we were able to break into our teams and discuss where we’re at with our stories. My team was in a pretty bad spot this morning, as none of the five emails we sent yesterday had been answered. But this afternoon, we got a lot of responses, more sources, and several interviews were scheduled.

Top far left: Julia Capitelli. Top left: Moriah Pettway. Top right: T’Neil Goodman. Top far right/bottom: Liliana Stella. Unfortunately our fifth teammate, Jada Jackson, couldn’t be on for the picture. (Photo by Julia Capitelli)

We’re really excited about our story, though we know we’re going to have to pivot with our topic slightly. Our story is probably going to wind up being more about the effect COVID had on the medical industry and community. My team was extremely busy today, sending out additional emails, making phone calls, and sending direct messages. I think I personally received about 20 emails today.

My team held an additional Zoom call to discuss where we’re at for tomorrow and Friday. We have a lot of work ahead of us for the next couple of days, but we are all driven and excited to tackle it. My four teammates and I have a really great attitude towards journalism and our project. They are all incredible people that I’m so glad I’ve been able to meet. There’s no one I’d rather work on this project with. I’m ready for the grind that is the end of this week.