Working toward my future


Today was definitely an experience! I really want to go into broadcast journalism in the future, so working with Ms. Marcy McGinnis and Ms. Connie Conway today to produce a broadcast show was very beneficial to me. Even though I was very nervous at first, I ended up doing my anchor role twice — so by the second time, I was very comfortable, and it furthered my interest in the field of broadcast journalism.

I really liked how flexible today’s schedule was because it gave my group and me time to really work. We now have an interview completed and uploaded onto our shared ClipChamp. We also have another interview scheduled for tomorrow and we are waiting to get some responses for others. Overall, everything is really coming together nicely and I’m excited to see how our story turns out.

My group and I: This is my group and I at the end of our meeting where we discussed our schedule for tomorrow [Photo by Moriah Pettway]