Day 2, whoop-de-do!


I think I wrote a lot for yesterday’s blog so I’ll keep this short and to the point. Oh man, today was great! Long Island Herald Editor Kate Nalepinski’s pep talk this morning was such a great way to kick off the day. She has such an inviting presence and incredibly genuine when she spoke about her experiences as a journalist, especially during COVID. I am so grateful that I have yet another resource to reach out to as I pursue my career in journalism.

Another part of today that I would like to highlight was Newsday photographer John Williams’ segment on photojournalism. My eyes were glued to the screen. His pictures captured every moment beautifully! His proper use of the different techniques that he discussed today made all his photos come to life. I will definitely be implementing these techniques whenever I take pictures.

Finally, my group and I are making great progress with setting up interviews and establishing roles for our story. Although there were many great moments today that I could discuss, I think I’ll stop there. I am so excited for all that the rest of this week has in store for me, but that was day two, whoop-de-do!

Mantra, Mr. Rick’s mantra for shooting video [Photo by: Moriah Pettway]