Greene’s Tuesday thunder


Today is Day 3 of the Greene program! We learned many different genres that journalism has to offer, from being an unbiased reporter to photography.

Before we got into it, we had another guest speaker! Kate Nalepinski, a print journalist and editor at the Long Island Herald, came to shed her light onto the students of the Greene Program.

“Be versatile and find your niche,” Nalepinski told the Greene students.

Being skilled at more than one aspect of journalism will prepare us for being able to get a job in any field that is provided to us.

After Nalepinski finished helping us understand that we are “a one man band,” John Williams, a photographer, came and began to show us the secrets of photography.

“Background and lighting are the most important thing when it comes to taking photos. Do not make the background be too noisy and do not make the subject’s face be hidden.”

A picture John Williams took of Nelson Mandela in late 1990s.

After John Williams finished his segment on photography, Professor Rick Ricioppo gave us an amazing lecture on the similarities and differences between digital journalism and print journalism.

“KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.” KISS is used to explain to students that writing for both broadcast and print journalism should be able to be easily grasped by the public.

Broadcast journalism is used for the ears, while print journalism is for the eyes. People are supposed to be able to be in their kitchen and understand the news that is on their television screen in the living room. Newspapers are supposed to hold the readers’ eyes and keep them intrigued for the entire time.

As Professor Ricioppo finished his lecture, the Greene team had a press conference with Suffolk County Legislator Kara Hahn.

Hahn provided us with an exclusive that was not yet known by the public about the way funds should be used to help the community.

Hahn’s ideas roared like thunder onto the Greene students and left them full of inspiration to try their best to help the community as well.

Help the community and take great photos! This was Greene’s Tuesday Thunder!