Anchoring opened my eyes


Day 4:

Today was great. We created our very first newscast! It was extremely nerve wracking which interrupted my fluidity, but I did enjoy it. It was intriguing because I never thought about being an anchor. I’m more into the photography, film, and editing aspects of journalism. Doing this made me apply some of what Stephanie Brumsey and Kate Nalepinski were talking about which was to be versatile, be well-rounded, and to NEVER stick to one thing. 

This experience definitely shifted my perspective on what goes on behind the scenes of news. There were so many teams behind the anchors that we don’t see. I didn’t fully see the sense of fear that might occur until I was put into their shoes. My biggest takeaway from today was that I need to learn how to communicate and be myself in front of a camera.

My favorite part was watching the different newscasts. I loved how natural some people were and I definitely appreciated people who added in their little twists and went off script. It showed their personality, which made it more engaging to watch because it was no longer just a bland script. It was sort of a rendition; they made the script their own.