Learning a lot on Day 1 at the Greene Institute


We started the day with a guest, Stephanie Brumsey. She is a professional journalist, willing to answer our questions. Having Brumsey in the first hour of the meeting was tremendously helpful. She answered some of the questions that I had in my mind about the journalism world. Moreover, because she was a super honest person I was able to understand the obstacles and high points of being a journalist.

One of the numerous things that she said encouraged me a lot to overcome my fear of interviewing unknown people as well as to gain confidence with myself — and that it’s OK to not like a certain topic. Further, Professor Zachary Dowdy introduced us to the base of journalism: the inverted pyramid — in order of the most important facts to the least important. He also showed us the pillars, and the importance of the lede — how journalists summarize the news in a few sentences exposing the main points of the news article while grabbing the audience’s attention at the same time.